Maternity Milk-Bath

Guys, I never blog. I really should start blogging again, because it really is an awesome feeling being able to share so many beautiful images with my fans. A few months ago, I ran a giveaway on my Facebook page. The winner of the free session contacted me shortly after, and decided to ask me if it was okay if she could gift her session to this beautiful mama and her baby girl. (You are an extremely generous and awesome human being by the way!)
So we decided to schedule our session for February, when this little one was 4 months old. She was born pretty early, and has had 3 surgeries. But she is a fighter, and such an alert baby girl full of life.

My client decided that she really wanted to do a milk-bath session, so I did some research and asked around for some tips and tricks. So here is what I have to share:
– Use powdered milk (If you decide to go the liquid route, just don’t pour it in when the -waters running or you’ll get milk bubbles). I eyeballed it, and would estimate it to be about 2 cups worth.
– Real flowers work better than fake flowers
– If you do use fake flowers, make sure you scotch-guard them the night before.
– Milk bath sessions are super fun! I really insist that you try one.

Hope you enjoy these images!



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